Scheduling and Fees


My principal professional activity at this time is teaching psychotherapy to younger therapists as part of my Psychotherapy Training Project.  I am available on a selective basis to meet with clients for psychotherapy provided the client is willing to have our work videotaped.  I use edited excerpts of taped sessions of my work with clients to demonstrate specific psychotherapy techniques and approaches. These video illustrations are critically important in the training of therapists.

Evaluation, consultation, and psychotherapy sessions typically are 55 minutes in length but there are situations where 70 or 90 minutes might be recommended. The fee structure is as follows: $220 for 55 minute session and $300 for 75 minute session. Payment may be made by check, cash, or major credit card via our PayPal billing. The registration forms may found on the Initial Consultation page of this website. We will bill via PayPal on a monthly basis for subsequent sessions. Payment is expected within 10 days of issuance of the PayPal bill.


I offer all war-zone veterans, firefighters, ER/trauma nurses and physicians, EMTs, police, Secret Service, CIA, and FBI agents a fee of $170 for 55 minute session with no videotaping.  For those willing to participate in the Psychotherapy Training Project, and who will allow the sessions to be videotaped for teaching purposes, I offer a reduced fee of $125.  I will respect requests for minimal record-keeping where security clearance is an issue (submit this request in writing detailing the reason with your registration materials). Please submit the registration forms found on the Initial Consultation page of this website and include comments regarding the nature and dates of your service and your request for the reduced fee.


I manage scheduling myself in order to minimize confusion and in order to be most responsive to my client’s needs. Please contact me by voicemail or email if you need to change or cancel an appointment. My clients rarely change appointments without notice and I try to provide the same should I need to make a change. I have a 48-hour cancellation policy which applies both to myself and my clients. If I fail to provide this notice, the next session is at no expense to you. If you fail to provide this notice, then you will be expected to pay for the missed session.

If your work schedule is highly erratic and subject to emergency calls, we will try to utilize special scheduling procedures in support of your work with me. Please advise me of this in our initial consultation.